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Monday, August 11, 2008

Georgia On My Mind

The real world has had the temerity to force itself onto me and has forced me to actually work and think today. Yet another pervert, and a client who managed to delay his case so long before he hired me that we may not be able to put on any witnesses.

At any rate I've been thinking about the Russian invasion of Georgia and our part in the whole thing and what if anything we should do. I would guess that we should express our shock and outrage, but what else is there to do.

I mean let's face it Bush/Chaney and the neocons have our army stuck in Iraq and to a lesser extent in Afghanistan. We have no army to make Russia do anything. So we can't. But even supposing we were not in these two countries what would we do? Nothing I would expect since we would have to push mighty hard to get the Russians out of Georgia. I do not expect that we would go to World War III (or IV or whatever) over it. So what could we do short of going to war except stamp our feet and refuse to ----- what trade with them? Sell them weapons? Vacation on the Black Sea?

The other interesting part of this is that it appears as though Georgia (in addition to underestimating Russia's resolve) over estimated our support. I wonder what we have been telling these people? "Back us and we'll back you when push comes to shove?"

Which brings me to our current crop of politicians. McCain rattles his saber (as always). I'm really not sure what Obama is doing. Flip flopping again? Well at least he is being portrayed as flip flopping. But what does the guy who has the power to do something do? He watches some beech volley ball. I would have to argue if the people who run the Republican party do think it's important enough to leave the Olympics why should the ones who just want the office, but don'[t yet have it do anything.

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