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Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's Not a Bug It's a Feature

I'm beginning to think that all the professional Democrats since 1972 are living in some kind of strange sort of bubble. Kind of like "The Boy in the Bubble." It allows them complete freedom of movement while at the same time isolating them from the real world.

They are more than willing to shaft their supporters and climb on the backs of the fat cats so that they can ----- what? They certainly can't govern much. Carter couldn't and Clinton could just barely.

They seem to think that if they give the Republicans a break, they will get a break in return, when they lose power. Never gonna happen.

Or perhaps it is time to ask does the rule of ...... law no longer govern? Has it been replaced by absolutism? What's next then?

I try to be careful and not confuse my decline with the countries, but I really do not think I am so wrong about this. I do not see good things ahead when the entire leadership of both parties is willing to approve the gutting of the Fourth Amendment and approve massive law breaking.

On other thing, I need to remember not to, too closely follow a Brandeis quote, with my own thoughts on the same matter.

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