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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

RepublicanFamily Values Again

Perhaps I should just start with an "again" post. Eh?
Ok, a little extreme, but still don't any of these dicks ever get punished for their, at least, hypocrisy? No, I guess not.
I suppose that would be a reason to believe in an after life.
The point isn't, I guess, that Mrs. McCain is this kind of person. She didn't after all disinherit her sister. But apparently she never bothered to ameliorate the injustice of her father and (to be completely fair) of her mother. By even acknowledging her sister.
So, people should not be held to an unreasonable standard. They should not be required to continuously justify what their parents have done.
On the other hand if she isn't required to help her sister financially she should at least acknowledge that she has one.
I'm from a middle class farming family. We all know our relatives and the family members of first wives and husbands.
I guess that is just for the little people.

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