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Banned In China

Monday, August 4, 2008


I'm feeling queasier and queasier about where this campaign is going. A few months ago Obama had to bat away Clinton's attacks. But her attacks were like gnats compared to what the Republicans are doing right now.

Although, given what happened to Kerry and Gore, Obama should have seen this coming a mile away. Lets face it, if they can attack the war record of a real hero while their own guy is a sit at home coward. Imagine what they will do when their guy is the hero (although as I've said before, I do not think that dropping bombs on civilians really qualifies one as a hero) and our guy doesn't have any military experience.

The amazing thing about this entire campaign is how little prepared Obama and his people seem to be for these kind of attacks. So different in violence and tone to Clinton's as to be different in kind. I think I go back to his dumping the DFHs as soon as he sealed up the nomination. Just sitting here in central Ohio I can see some of what needs to be done. Going to progressive/liberal/left wing blogs you get a large amount of very good advice.

I guess it is good that this is coming down right now. There seemed to be some belief by the Democratic powers that be that this campaign would be different than every other campaign since 1964.

I suppose the real question is: Is they educable?

My thoughts are that they are not and that he has to go elsewhere to get his support and advice. Well we will see.

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