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Banned In China

Friday, August 8, 2008

War on Terra, No War on Drugs

Well let's see we first piggy back the war on terror on the war on drugs and then the war on drugs on the war on terror.

On the other hand our Supreme Court decides that police are so much more professional now. So basically cops can kick in your door and shoot your dog and they haven't violated the Fourth Amendment. I mean let's face it if you haven't broken a law what do you have to worry about? Right Mr. Madison?

On the other hand other parts of the original Constitution [3/5ths any one?] Appear to be in full force and effect in Ohio at least. So the question: "Who do you have to lynch to be called a racist?" Is apparently a fair one as it applies to cops when they raid a house where the residents are black. Although, to be fair to the jury poor white trash would probably have gotten the same kind of justice.

Its just us good middle class white old line Americans that get the special deal. Slide along the edge of respectability just a little and you deserve to be punished. On the other hand you are more likely to be considered to have slid if you are poor or of a darker hue. And a a lot more if you are both poor and of a darker hue.

I did not see if the drug raid in Lima was one where a warrant was obtained before the raid or if it was a knock and kick in the door kind, like the one on the Mayor. The shootings would be, I suspect, much more likely if it was a raid without a warrant. I also suspect that there wasn't a lot of dope in the house, since the last story merely states that the cops found crack and marijuana, but doesn't mention the amounts. If there was r a lot you can bet your ass they would have told you to the cent the value.

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