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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Boring Thoughts

Here are my thoughts, for what they are worth, on the current Obama/Biden ticket.

I ended up supporting Bill Clinton the first time not because I thought he was incredibly progressive, but because I thought that progressives could build on that kind of, what I thought, was centrist not right wing crazy president. With all his triangulation.

In the end what he did though was stifle the progressive movement inside the Democratic party. He reached out to the corporate types and discouraged progressives and liberals in the party. He essentially destroyed that part of the party for decades.

I think he consciously discourage progressives from working from the grass roots up and tried to work from the top down. I think relatively successfully.

Given Obama's apparent controlling nature, I think that there is a good chance that he will do the same thing. The obvious counter example is FDR. However much he might have wanted to control things he encouraged the ordinary people to innovate and come up with solutions. If Obama does this then good oh. If not, we're fucked again.

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