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Banned In China

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My deep thought

My motto has been for quite a while: We are the people our parents warned us about. Or I guess more specifically me. Has a nice ring to it.

What is interesting about it (and me) is that as soon as I left home, at 18 to defend our nation against the Communist menace (more specifically the North Vietnamese, after about 6 weeks in service). I was always the one who sought out the drugs, alcohol and loose women. It certainly helped that I looked as though I were about 15. Who'd a thought this nice young boy would be that way?

Once I got to college, I still looked way under age. I was 22 (and 29 in law school) and being carded, while my friends who were only 18 were given a pass. Very helpful especially when your goal is to get as wasted as possible. One who looked as innocent as I did was able to get away with a lot of stuff that someone who looked older and more world weary couldn't. It worked for many years.

What also helped is that apparently my constitution craved booze and drugs. So I ended up kind of like Dorian Grey, but without the painting.

I suppose it catches up after a while, but life catches up with everybody after a while. So you might as well trade on what you got while you've got it.

That's it nothing deep at all really.

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