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Banned In China

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jump through the hoops, boy.

Well, they got him to do it. Of course most of what Wright said was right. That doesn't matter here in this country we don't aspire to build the City on a Hill we actually live in it right now. Anybody who says otherwise and tries to accurately describe what we are doing right now is of course ostracized and anyone who may agree with him is also ostracized.

Of course if you are a right wing asshole like Hagee or Graham you tell the individual how evil they are, but you never ever speak truth to power. You wear your $2,000.00 suit and drive your $50,000.00 car and live in your $2,000,000.00 house and tell the wealthy and powerful men how great they are and the little people how they are where they are because of their own short comings. You can even point out that god is chastising us, like he did in New Orleans and through the medium of Bin Laden. However, if you blame it on liberals, homosexuals and feminists you are golden.

Say, in passing: Where does that eye of the needle thing fit in do you suppose? Is it possible that it is all a big con? Goodness gracious sakes alive. What kind of un-American are you to think that.

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