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Monday, April 28, 2008

Want to be a writer?

Wow. The number of people who want to write and to be published (no I mean really published) is amazing. Went to a Writer's Workshop in a small town near here on Saturday. There were probably about fifty or sixty people there. There were several published speakers with six workshops in a six hour day.

Several folks from the writer's group here went. At any rate all the folks there were from towns of fewer than 25,000 people.

At least two of the published writers who spoke were explicitly "inspirational" writers, but their talks touched very little on the explicitly religious aspect of their writing,but rather on how to write an interesting book (novel/novella) in their case. Had I not looked at their work I would not have known what their bent was based on their talks.

Some times I get overwhelmed by how narrowly we are portrayed by the media. According to them we are all REAL AMERICANS those of us who are mathematically inclined are 100% REAL AMERICANS. We watch t.v. (NASCAR & Wrestling), but we don't write, read books, or have a progressive thought in our silly little heads.

I will say this that most people at the conference were generally more into traditional literature in the sense of novels which had a realistic story line. On the other hand the poetry workshops rand the gamut from traditional poetry to quite modern poetry.

How do you suppose we all got here?

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Wannabe Writer said...

Sundays paper had an article about Donald Ray Pollock, a writer from Knockemstiff. (I always liked that towns name.) He is in his 50's and just publishing his first book which was a compilation of his short stories based on his town. (Not in a very good light.)

There is hope for everyone of us.

BTW- The title is Knockemstiff