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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yoo the Atlantic

Greenwald had some fairly, dare I say nasty comments concerning a Megan McArtle article about the way the media are covering (or rather not covering) the justification for our All American Torture of those we have taken prisoner and who may be guilty (oh I'm sorry, I mean harsh interrogation of obviously guilty rag heads).

McArtle then responds to Greenwald's article. Oh boy. It is hard to know where to start.

The amazing thing about the McArtle's original and her response is that basically people don't want to hear about it. It is boring. And anyway Yoo isn't very important after all. And finally there are many other things that people should also know about, but they don't.

It is amazing that those who want to compare Yoo's memo to other matters do not seem to have the moral sense to be able to understand that a memo written by an officer of the United States Department of Justice which the president uses to make torture an official policy is simply unique. There is nothing to compare it to. Well, perhaps I should say it is unique for this Country. I do believe that the Church in searching out heretics and witches did put the methods to be used in writing.

It is also interesting to see someone seem to forget what happened during the Clinton years when an arcane land deal in Arkansas was front page news for years.

The argument that the media doesn't make (or at least have a very big hand in making) the news important is just BS (a technical legal term) and requires someone to turn a blind eye to the way news is really made and reported today.

If "America Tortures" was run as a led news story and a headline in the papers several days for a week it would become the same kind of major story that Obama's bowling is. There you have it. The fact that we now have undeniable proof that torture is a policy of this administration is simply something that I would think that most people would be really interested in. But no we are arguing whether it should be reported as much as that land deal in Arkansas. I never thought I would live to see that argument.

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