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Banned In China

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Ok. I am representing this kid who his being charged on three different complaints. Two for not going to school and one for getting into trouble when he was at school.

My defense is that the kid had the interests of the school system at heart because he knew that he would only get into trouble in school, so he stayed out to save the school grief. Sound reasonable?

It gets better. The kid's biological parents allowed the kid's paternal grandmother to adopt the kid several years ago. The grandmother/mother died about eight years ago. No one since that time has had legal custody of the kid. Now the kid has been living with his aunt/sister out of state, but got into trouble and was sent back to live with his mother/nothing where he has been living since. The grandmother/mother's Social Security has been going with the kid, but did not follow him back to here when he came. So the aunt/sister has been collecting it since that time and not sending it back with the kid. Mother/nothing has done nothing. Except now the kid's father/brother want to take him back out of state with him.

I spent two hours trying to get somebody to do something for the kid and no one would take him. I must say that Children's Services is as close to a perfect bureaucracy as one can imagine. They always take the kids they should leave and always leave the kids they should take.

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