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Banned In China

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Media

Once again Digby hits it at least close to on the head. But she seems to believe that the media is unaware of how deeply they are in the bag.

I now suspect that they have always been aware of what they do. They are part of the ruling class. And they are intent on keeping the DFHs out. What they may not be aware of is that they are allowed to remain a part of that class only as long as they parrot the right line (right being used in all senses). They of course are well rewarded for what they do.

To see how independent the media is, the real ruling class permits a few Jon Stewarts and Keith Olbermans to broadcast. They are but a speed bump on the propaganda highway. So far blogs have come in under the radar, but I do not believe that will continue for long. No one in the ruling class,no matter which branch of the conservative ruling party (republicans or democrats) holds power at the time, want the kind of harsh, fact based criticism the blogs provide.

I can only imagine how envious those former rulers of the Soviet Union must be to see our national and local versions of Pravda effortlessly spout the party line. Evan more imagine how envious they must be to see how eagerly the average citizen laps it all up.

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