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Banned In China

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yoo and School

Well let's see the dean of Yoo's law school has decided that his tenure should not be revoked. How convenient.

Yoo was not a "decider," he only recommended that our rulers violate all our previously upheld norms of civilization as far as torture was concerned. Much like a lawyer for a mafia family.

Under the ABAs ethical standards, if a client comes to me and tells me that he wants to kidnap and torture that young child from next door, I am required to notify the police immediately. No not just that, if he tells me he wants to kidnap and torture that child molester from next door I am also required to notify the police immediately. I am not permitted to suggest ways and means of accomplishing these future acts which are clearly criminal.

Now if a client came to me and told me he had already committed a crime I could help him devise ways and means of beating the rap at trial. But even then I couldn't suggest that he do something to alter the evidence, like destroy some. Because, that would be a future crime.

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