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Banned In China

Friday, April 25, 2008


There that should have gotten your attention. But alas its just more political stuff. It seems that the right wing is on the march again. How they can decide that it is necessary to force PXs to stop selling Playboy and Penthouse to our heroic hero adults is beyond me.

Although, I guess it is really the same kind of thing that has always been going on. Think USO and ice cream. We can send the boys out to be killed, but we must protect their morals. I guess being shot with a hard on cause you looked at that centerfold, will get you directly to hell. On the other hand you've got a better chance of getting into heaven if you are not tempted by that illicit sex stuff, in any form.

I was at U-Tapao from August of 67 to August of 68. On the Gulf of Siam where the flying fishes play and the B-52s came up like thunder. At any rate I spent all my spare time and money on hookers and booze and Thai stick. I do not think that I was very unusual. Of course, I didn't spend much if any money on porn or even quasi-porn since I could didn't need it given that there were, I was told, about 5000 whore houses and 10 times that many hookers within 30 kilometers of the base (we were located close to Satihip [sp?] the main sea port for supplies for all of Southeast Asia, excepting Vietnam -- lots of sailors). Well it kept me busy and out of the pool halls.

Of course maybe that's why we lost.

Just saying.

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