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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Torture again.

Well it appears that it isn't just a few bad apples.

Good God. I was reading yesterday at different places Our All American Torture program was being justified by several commentators on various web pages.

"You know don't you that it might sometimes be necessary to harshly interrogate some very bad people who might be about to kill numerous innocent 100% Good Patriotic Americans much like Yourself. Also, that harsh interrogation might just cross the line. Although it wouldn't be the fault of the 100% American (much like Yourself) who is doing the torture (I'm sorry interrogation)."

Is it really necessary to say that I reject the basic premise of that scenario. How does the torturer know that the person they have in front of them knows anything about a plot to kill people? How does the torturer know that in fact there is a plot? If there is a plot, how does the torturer know that there is a plot? Why does the torturer know that there is a plot, but knows nothing about where or when or how the plot might come to fruition? And why can he (or lets be non-sexist she) only find this information out through torture?"

Of course, then we look at the real world and see that the vast majority of those tortured by your 100% Real Americans are not in fact guilty of anything except being brown. Of course that information was all available before yesterday. That does not dissuade those who make those arguments. Apparently, facts are irritating things and should not be considered when Real 100% Americans (much like Yourself) are discussing serious matters concerning Your safety.

God I'm glad I live in a country where mere facts do not intrude on discussions of serious policy by serious people, much like Yourself. I of course am completely non-serious and if I may say so myself something of a jerk. Otherwise, I would not be raising these matters.

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