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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ok its really nothing

Got a call this morning from "Jeff." Jeff is our fish guy.

Let me explain. My very very very good friend with whom I live decided that we needed to have fish.

No I don't know why, but we need them to augment the 8 cats and the 1 dog we have today. However, one of the cats has a serious problem concerning the fish. That is she is sure that she can figure a way into the fish tank. We have put a screen over the top and the fish are smart enough not to come to the top of the water when the cats are around. One actually managed to get her front legs deep into the tank all the way to her shoulders, but she wasn't able to complete the sale.

At any rate, Jeff called and his car was disabled at Red Lobster. Why was he at Red Lobster, you may ask? At first I thought he might be dropping off failures. Then it was suggested that it was merely negative reinforcement. But then I realized that Red Lobster has a big tank in their waiting room (something I would never have seen, since I always wait in the bar).

At any rate we now have 5 fish. Well at least fish don't have to be baptised.

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