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Thursday, May 1, 2008

What A Greeeeeeeeaaaaaaat Day This Is

Well guess what today is? It is not only the National Day of Prayer (Xions only) of course with Ollie North leading. But wait, there's more: It is also national cod piece day

But we all know what all of us dirty hippies will be celebrating here today don't we. That's right: Workers of the World unite and throw off your chains (or at least goof off for a while). Yes, you've got it right it is May Day comrades. International Workers Day. And that is what we will be celebrating here with all the other dirty hippies (ok both of them).

Let's not forget that Chicago gave us this day. Of course at first it seemed just another police riot in that toddling town (they seem to do those quite well). But after only a little over a hundred years the workers in this country are being forced back to just about where they were then, so let's celebrate as if its the 19th century. (Forty hour work week? Who needs it?)

Oh Yeah. Vanity Fair. I am shocked! Shocked and appalled I tell you. Do you suppose that means that they can't sell Vanity Fair at the PXs any more?

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