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Monday, May 19, 2008


There have been two posts now in moderately well connected blogs about how it will be necessary to keep Lieberman as part of the rulers of the Senate even if the Democrats win the Senate come November.

The attitude of those two posts just blows me away. Here is a guy who is supporting the other party's nominee for president. Here is a guy who manages to make his votes look good, but who in reality, in the procedural votes that set up the final votes will vote against the interest of progressives. Then when the final vote comes around will vote in a way that makes him look progressive.

Well, we need Lieberman we're told because he gives us a majority now. Hell, what has the Democratic party in the Senate done with that majority? Absolutely nothin'. We need his vote in the next Senate because it might give us a 60 vote majority and then we can force closure. Crap. Make the Republicans really filibuster, not just vote once and then cave as we've been doing for the last two years.

Now once I've said that I have to realize who the Democrats are in the Senate and realize two things: First, they probably don't really want to make any real changes; Second, Lieberman gives them cover so they can whine that they really can't accomplish anything because they don't have 100% of the votes.

Crap my head hurts.

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