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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Death and Sex

Well. I came into the office today and was told that one of my former clients' had killed himself. Probably by accident. An overdose. He'd done that several times before (overdosed I mean), so it shouldn't have been a real surprise.

I'm currently representing the widow in a custody matter maid even more difficult because of the special needs of one of the kids. So I know or rather knew this guy fairly well. I got the news and then called the widow. Said all the right things, felt nothing at all. Brother this is a strange job. If you are even remotely inclined to be cynical this job will bring out the worst in you. Too bad. So sad.

The second thing that happened was a little weirder. No death involved. This adult was charged with providing obscene pictures to a juvenile. A seventeen year old girl. If he really did it, it's a crime punishable with up to six months in jail.

What makes it so weird is that if he had screwed her instead ---- wait for it ---- that's not a crime. Of course, I would guess that he couldn't have any mirrors up.

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