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Banned In China

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Four Dead in Ohio

Ok, I had forgotten that this was the 38th anniversary of Kent State until I saw this.

My God, what happened to us then?

That was it for me. I had been in Thailand and seen the poverty and class system we were over there to protect. All the GIs I spoke with in Thailand who had been in Vietnam told me it was much worse in Vietnam. It had started me thinking for myself. Something one should never do if one wants to continue to support our perpetual neo-colonial wars.

What is it about so many who think that if our leaders want to take us into any war any where then we've just got to support it no matter what? What does the average person think they or their friends, family or children get from it?

We clearly aren't there to spread democracy. We aren't there to spread our religion[s]. We don't even get any economic benefits from it. Oh, those who rule get the economic benefits, but the rest of us get $4.00 gas.

Bush is at the lowest popular level ever, but McCain who policies are simply more Bush, is close to becoming the next president.

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