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Monday, May 25, 2009

Preventative Detention

You know arguing about all those [maybe] terrorists in preventative detention has caused me to have a kind of epiphany. I have many clients who are in preventative detention. They are below the poverty line, and they have bonds that are in the several thousands of dollars. They own no property and they have no relatives who own property or have enough money to bond them out.

So, although they are not be held in indefinite preventative detention, they are certainly being held in preventative detention. Simply place the bond high enough and you can be sure that they will stay in detention (jail) until their trial date at least.

In fact that United States Supreme Court held some time ago, in a case finding that Title 18 was constitutional and whose name escapes me right at this point, that under certain circumstances courts can deny a bond to an accused before there is a trial. This has been the law for some time here in the good old usofa. So if we are willing to do this to our own people, it is just a little step to what Busoma is proposing for foreigners.

Job of the prosecution done without a trial and not a terrorist among my detained. Just good Americans much like yourselves. Some red neck hill billy or black guy usually, though. so I guess not really like us after all.

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