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Banned In China

Saturday, May 2, 2009


You know that sometimes there are things that are so far beyond what any rational person could imagine, that I find it impossible to make fun of them. Not only that I find it even impossible to become angry in any rational way. It is beyond bizarre.

Bring your kid to work day and get them tazed. Not only that, but according to the guy who did the tazing, the parents said it was ok. So, I guess that tells us a little about the level of humanity of the prison guards (and their families) in Florida.

It says a little more about their intelligence when the guy doesn't seem to understand what the problem is.

If this is the general point of view of a significant minority (and I suspect it is) then one can certainly see where those who approve torture are coming from. Although to be honest I don't understand them much either. But if it is ok to taz your own kid then I guess torturing a brown foreigner is no big deal.

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