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Banned In China

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Don't Know What To Do

When I was in the Air Force for a while in Texas I shared a room with a guy who was from Washington, D.C. (I was in the Air Force and in the medics, we got semi-private rooms, what can I say?) He had been a football player in high school.

He described this race riot (his term) he was involved in. Two schools one mostly black and one mostly white were playing a game at a time of tension in DC. One of the guys on his team got a call against him. A good call according to my room mate his team mate was wrong. Well the guy on his team blew up and started to assault the guy on the other team. Starting the riot.

My room mate sighed and said, "What could we do? He was on our team we had to back him."

That's almost how I feel about Obama. The insane right wing attacks almost force me to defend. After all he is on our team, isn't he? Oh wait we're on his team, aren't we? An important distinction, no?

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