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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Henny Penny.........or NOT?

So apparently about 36,000 people die each year in the USA from complications caused by "regular" flu, while some where between a quarter to half a million world wide have the same problem. On the other hand there are only a few dead from swine (H1N1) flu, but then again the only people who die from swine flue are those who are confirmed dead of that specific disease. While the 36,000 are a statistical abstract including people who have died from the complications of regular flu and apparently those who we think die from complications from regular flu.

So either we should be very scared of regular flu and not at all of swine flu, or the other way around. Or both. Or neither.

I think sometimes I live in a Henny Penny world where everybody is terrified of the most improbable things and simply oblivious to any real danger.

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