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Friday, May 8, 2009

Aw Hell

So I was reading Firedoglake and ran across this. More corruption from the inside. I worry about our democracy. There is such a crush of corrupt insiders and there seems to be no one but the good old boys (mostly) who got us into this trouble to give advice to the guy in charge.

About six or seven years ago I remember the lead up to war in Iraq. I was sitting here in East Jesus Ohio listening to the "justifications" for the war and I knew that they were lies. Hell hundreds of thousands of people all over the world marched against the war. They knew they were lies. But the intelligent and powerful people had to have their war because they knew it would be good and right. Yeah.

Back then I thought that the elected ruler was the idiot son of an asshole who was being led around by the nose by the oil interests. It turns out I was right.

Now, however, the elected ruler is clearly smart and intelligent. Yet he surrounds himself with the same (in some cases) and at least the same kind of people who have run us into the ground. All of the people he has advising him are people who have been full snout into the trough and rooted it dry. Now they are advising him to take the money and run.

The tea bag parties, are a sample of simply how frustrated and angry people are concerning the financial melt down. What I see happening sooner rather than later is that things are not going to get much better. People are still going to be looking over their shoulders at the bankers coming to take their money (gifts from the feds and interest on loans). Generally, because no real progressive answers have been provided by an administration that is presented as progressive, the tea baggers are going to be voting for and probably electing real fascists. I really look forward to that.

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