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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Bad News

So I think that Obama is turning into Clinton without the blow job. Probably no Whitewater either as no important people in Illinois hate him the way the powers that be in Arkansas hated Clinton.

The thing that amazes me is, like Clinton, Obama is busy doing the job of the oligarchs and our colonial warriors (see Greenwald on the right there, just about any day and this cartoon by Tom Tomorrow in today's Salon). And they still hate him with a passion that passeth all understanding.

It now appears to me that the idea of what liberal means to our rulers (and to be fair most of the voters) is to be in favor of stem cell research and keep abortions legal for the wealthiest. Beyond that I don't think there is much left.

I am now nearly certain that I was wrong in supporting Obama (not that anyone cared). I guess the frog in the water thing has become us. I mean most middle class and poor seem to be more than happy with the current guy. I wonder what will happen in a couple of years as things just kind of slowly get hotter and hotter until we just kind of boil them pesky liberties and that silly economic safety web away. Personally I see a massive right wing reaction because the people who have been called "radical leftists" will have failed in their moderately conservative policies (moderately conservative in relation to social policy, very conservative in economic and military type of policies).

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