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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Obama and Clinton and FISA again

Well can we say we are surprised? No we can't at this point (maybe a little about Clinton). Although one might wonder why Obama went out of his way to insist that he would support any filibuster and then come back and vote for cloture. Just how cynical is he, and just how stupid does he think that people who care about this issue are?

Apparently even more than I would have thought any normal politician was capable of (is that even a sentence?). Well I guess I should hope that whoever is president is really devious, right?

The votes were interesting in that Obama and Clinton both voted the correct way on the final votes so that if one is merely adding votes like say NARAL or HRC does then it looks like they were on the right side. Even though the real vote was for cloture and Obama voted for cloture which cut off any floor debate on the bill. Clinton apparently voted for cloture and then voted against it. I would guess that she voted against cloture after she was sure there were enough votes were there to make sure cloture was invoked. At any rate she didn't speak out against the bill, so whatever she did doesn't count for much.

To go back to the question of how stupid Obama thinks we are. There are people on Kos (find the specific one yourself) who are indeed defending his position as either principled or brilliant real politic. Believe me it was neither. If it was brilliant real politic then I wouldn't be able to see through it. Although I knew that Bush was lying back in 2002 when apparently no one in Washington did, so maybe I am brilliant and insightful. I guess it's all who we are compared to.

It is only principled if one thinks that eviscerating the Fourth Amendment is a principled act.

Well I can't really say that I now am in favor of a whole lot of his positions, on the other hand McCain scares the shit out of me.

I really didn't think I would be at this position this early in the election cycle. I'd at least dreamed that I wouldn't be this disappointed until he started to appoint cabinet members.

I need a good laugh.

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