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Banned In China

Monday, July 14, 2008


You know I have been thinking about Obama and wondering just what my real problems with him are. I am old enough to be fairly cynical about politicians and their promises.

His direct lies about what he would do on FISA are of course very important. What grates most is his explanation. His explanation evidences a profound contempt for his supporters and for the population as a whole. So I don't know just how much I want another president who feels an obvious contempt for my ability to understand and comprehend.

The second issues do not involve his specific positions necessarily (FISA at least excepted), but rather that he has promised "Change." What he has done with his lurch to the right is to embrace, very loudly, the DLC conventional positions on all sorts of things.

In other words I see very little change from the last 20 years at least.

The really unfortunate thing about all this (in addition as to how it impacts me specifically) is that we need change cause stuff is not going well for us as a nation.

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