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Banned In China

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I was thinking, while driving, about right wing eleminationist rhetoric. Mostly because of the shooting in the Universal Unitarian Church and the books that were found in the guys house.

Dave Neiwert argues the danger and problem this kind of really hatefully rhetoric that is spread around by people like Limbaugh and Coulter gets into mainstream discourse and taints it and corrupts it and allows the crazies to act on it. Kind of like the way racist rhetoric enabled lynchings.

But all that doesn't explain why, if there are indeed decent conservatives and if conservatism is a decent and valid philosophy. Why that rhetoric is not completely repudiated by main stream conservatives. Of course, if conservatism is (as I think) a truly corrupt ideology then that explains everything. It is then, in effect, no different than the kind of vile reactionary philosophy's of the governments of central Europe in the 19th century. Let's face it Buckley and his people argued for segregation in the 50s and 60s based on their beliefs that where blacks out numbered whites, there could not be democracy because blacks are simply inferior to whites.

They hate with a completely unselfconscious and truly uncontrolled hate. And let's face it they have the money to hire their mercenaries to defend their positions.

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