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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Liberal Fascists Again

Oh boy did I expect this: Goldberg's spawn. It is now being battled about in the media and op ed pages that Obama's getting large and enthusiastic crowds is an example of fascism because Mussolini (for instance) drew large and enthusiastic crowds. Of course so did Eisenhower and Reagan.

It is not so much an example of fascism .................... oh wait a minute of course it is an example of fascism. Not the crowds, but the thought [such as it is] process in the essays. One of the hall marks of fascism is the rejection of logic and reasoning. The willingness to reject any kind of coherent and consistent reasoning to be replaced with a sort of simple will, irrespective of logic. We are right they are wrong. Therefore, whatever they do is wrong and whatever we do is right. So if we draw big crowds it shows that we are speaking to the true and correct needs of the people. If they do, they are pandering to the worst sort of mass hysteria.

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