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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Obama Lurch

So Obama keeps lurching to the right. You know it is weird. Perhaps he really believes what he is doing, but that of course means that when he was running in the primaries, at the best, he permitted his supporters to believe that his positions were more progressive than they really are. At the worst he just lied about it and told the people who were his real support what he wanted them to believe (to be fair, it was what they wanted to believe too).

Clinton (Bill not Hillary) did essentially the same thing. Then he spent the next eight years trying to get the beltway powers and the right wingers to like him. They never did and never would. It is beginning to look like Obama is really trying to do the same thing.

By sucking up to the right wing Clinton accomplished very little of real good in the world. Of course, unlike his successor, his truly evil accomplishments were relatively small. Do you suppose that is all Obama wants?

What has Obama done since securing the nomination? Really nothing at all, but move to the right (from not very left positions to begin with). The other thing is that he hasn't moved subtlety, but nosily and very publicly. What crap.

So I can go for the kinder gentler conservative authoritarian, or the real crazy fascist. How the hell did we get to this point.

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