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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Disappointed Again

You know I was waiting until at least after the election to be disappointed in Obama. Since, I hadn't held out a lot of hope for him, I really thought that he would not be able to disappoint before that.

But guess what, I'm wrong again. Faith based funding, FISA, running away from Wes Clark, walking away from his various leftish supporters. The people who got him where he is now have been dumped (must not say "thrown under the bus").

The amazing thing about it, is that he now seems to be jumping on the beltway wisdom, just the opposite of what got him where he is today.

As Greenwald and others have pointed out several times, there is no reason to listen to those people. They seem to have a lot of money and be not too bright. Well ok, they are bright enough to keep their money, but for the most part they were not bright enough to get it in the first place. That was their daddies or grand-daddies.

I was called by an Obama worker to ask if I would help get out the vote on the day Obama announced his support for the FISA deal. She tried to tell me that they had to "compromise." I told her that was bull-shit and at that point I was not about to work for Obama. However, I had to admit that I would vote for him since McCaine and the people who support him are true fascists in my opinion. I suspect that there are many who agree with me. That is people who would have worked for him if he had just stood up a little bit more for those rights and people he is now shunning.

So I guess the real question is: "Was he lying when he led us to believe he was sort of, kind of a little progressive. Or is he lying now when he repudiates all those who supported him."

The real strange thing is, of course, that taking those positions now do not help him get elected. They are in that little bubble where the real world does not intrude. It is kind of sad really.

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