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Banned In China

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wait for the PO or somebody like him

Well one of my clients was arrested by his Probation Officer a couple of minutes ago. I have no idea why since I wasn't there so I have to wait until the PO gets back or my guy calls me from the jail.

Normally, I wouldn't have cared, but this guy has just gotten out of the hospital after being kind of electrocuted. Interesting in a kind of ghoulish way. He slipped and leaned into an open connection. He hand touched the live wire, but it was his leg and back that were damaged.

He got out of the hospital two days ago and said that they had given him morphine in the hospital. So I assumed that he tested positive for drugs. On the other hand if he tested positive I would think that the medication would have excused that. Well, we will see.

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