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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Well Well

UPDATE: Oh yeah, I forgot about this guy of course he is a progressive democrat.

So there was so much prosecutorial misconduct that Holder has decided to dismiss the charges against Stevens. From what I've read about the case it was probably the correct decision. Although, I have had cases which were covered in detail in the local paper and I couldn't recognize them from the description in the newspaper.
I defended an guy who was accused of arson. Made the front page of the local news two days running. The first day was not too bad (it was the prosecution's case in chief). The second day and the decision was weird. Apparently, the reporter decided that my guy was guilty before the trial started, or at least before I put my case on.

The jury found him not guilty, but you couldn't have figured out why from the report, since none of the exculpatory evidence was given in the newspaper. A person reading that story simply figured that the jury was crazy.

So to make a long story short perhaps there was indeed this much prosecutorial misconduct. Or perhaps we're just covering for another good ole boy who deserves it because...........well because. What do you think was going on here with an Attorney General's office as highly politicized as the Bush one? Why go so far to try to nail Stevens?

At any rate do you think that Holder will do this for any accused drug dealers whose trial has the same sort of prosecutorial misconduct. Also will the attorneys involved be disciplined by their state bar? If they did it they should be.

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