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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Stuff

Went to a local writers conference yesterday in Coshocton, Ohio. OK, I guess, although I did not know that I had signed up for a class in Scrap Booking. Well OK, I had thought I'd signed up for a seminar in "Memoirs." I should have realized what it was about when I walked in the room and saw this huge three ring binder with all these plastic sleeves. By the time I realized what it was it was too late. There were only about fifteen people in the room and only two of us were men. Also, I would have had to have walked across in front of the room between the speaker and the participants to get out. It would have been rude and obvious. A little too rude and obvious, I'm afraid.

Today mow the yard try to finish setting up the garden, put up the purple martin house, and wash the dogs; not necessarily in that order. Yard, garden, and dog washing are done. The chow is not amused.

We watched Byron a BBC TV movie about Byron (what a shock, eh?). I did not think it was possible to make a story about Byron boring. Everything of any real interest happened off screen. I guess I should have figured that out also, when in one of the first scenes Byron says something to the effect "While I was in Greece I swam the Hellespont." No need to show when you can tell I guess.

If there had been some insight into his creativity there would have been something to recommend it. As it was he might as well have been some guy who inherited wealth and didn't have to work at it so could spend his time being a prick. As that may be beyond the moderately explicit sex scenes with his wife (not much), Lady Caroline Lamb (not much), and his sister (a little more, but still not much) there was nothing to recommend it. Pretty I guess. I think there may have been one short poem, perhaps two of his spoken during the entire three hours. Shelly makes a brief appearance and then drowns. We kept watching it thinking that it had to get better finally near the end we decided that "By god we were going to watch it to the end no matter how bad." So other than that I can whole heartily recommend it.

Maybe some beasts later on.

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