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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some More Tea Party Fun

An update. Since I got to the party a little late I did not hear correctly the name of the featured (or at least the one who talked the longest, while I was there) speaker. It was James Patrick Johnston, DO. You can look him up, but he is a real ot job. Apparently a member of the Army of God amoung other things and a person who wants shira (ops I mean biblical) law.

Although, that would explain his internal consistancy in his speech. Since I actually listened to him and heard him advocate not just lower taxes, but essentially that people needed to be prepared to give up their social security and all sorts of other things paid by taxes including public schools. He was a good speaker, but I'm not sure the folks there internalizing just what he was demanding.

Cliff Eagleson just, I think, confused people there. There was a little something about the Illuminati, the Masons, and Blackwater. Then after about five minutes his talk was done.

Unfortunately I missed Jeanette Moll, who I am sure was interesting.

Local reporting put the number at about 300, but I'm inclined to think a little less then that, but why quibble.

A whole bunch of relatively poor people who want the taxes lowered on their betters although they do not see it that way. Somehow they think that their taxes are going to be raised. I could not be our media that have given them that idea, could it? Essentially the 20th and 21st should be repealled was what I took from the speakers.

A lot of people believe that their children and grandchildren will need to pay this off and are opposed to that. Of course, if the economy continues to expand, as it has done then the pay off will happen alot sooner than expected. When ever I hear the argument about not having our children pay of our borrowing, I wonder about the generations paying off WWII. If you pay for something right now that will benefit us all now and benefit the future generations then it seems to me that it is not a bad thing to borrow to spend the money now. To maintiain a good society whether through a war or an economic bail out has got to have a benefit for the future generations and I would think that the future generations wouldn't mind paying off those debts if necessary.

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