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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tea Party?

So 200,000 or maybe 300,000 people rallied around the country to protest, what exactly? Higher taxes for the wealthiest 2%? What I heard at my little rally was that we do not want our children to pay for this. The rhetoric is (and I really hate to use this word, but it does describle it) fascist, I do not think that most of the people in the rally thought it through though. No bridges, schools (of course the one speaker was opposed to public schools in any form) except for pay as we go. One wonders how they would have paid for WWII.

My fear is that in a year or perhaps even less it will become clear to people that what Obama is doing isn't working and is only tangentially helping the middle class. When that happens it is entirely possible that the republican party will still not have an alternate position that makes sense to anybody. At that point the speakers at my little rally will be out there and ready to take over. Or worse the same kind of rulers (power to the powerful types) we have had in power for the last several decades will continue to squeeze the rest of us and well there you are I guess.

The essential problem I see with Obama is that he has surrounded himself with people whose outlook simply reflects the conventional wisdom. He simply appears unwilling to go beyond the shallow pool that is Washington wisdom. As a historian I would find it interesting that the people we elect are unable to see the problems and wonder why. As a person living through these times I am scared shitless.

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