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Friday, April 3, 2009

Some Good News For a Change

From Colorado it looks like Ward Churchill won his case (in reality the first round, I suspect), but still good for him. It is all part of a more or less well orchestrated attempt from the right wing to suppress .......... I was about to say speech, but what they really want to suppress are thoughts and ideas that are not sufficiently servile. Servile, in general to those who control things here abouts, that is. Those who control things here abouts are right wingers.

Let's face it when even the suggestion of a limitation on the wages of those who run companies that get tax dollars to stay afloat can bring near total mass hysteria from the right in opposition. It is amazing that a jury on Colorado can find for the guy. I'm just really impressed with the jury.

If one thinks that both John Yoo and Alan Dershowitz still teach at law schools on opposite sides of this continent, one justifying torture as a government lawyer and the other teaching at one of the most prestigious law schools in the country after having written calling for the establishment of "torture courts" does one really need to wonder what it was that got Churchill canned? Of course Yoo didn't call it torture, but rather enhanced interrogation techniques, I think. It makes a lawyer proud that one in my profession could come up with that. It makes one amazed that the entire media in this country could immediately accept that phrase to describe what has, for thousands of years, been known as torture while at the same time crucifying Churchill. So I guess that answers my questions.

(There are a lot of people at the highest levels still will apparently defend the practice. One of them wants to be the head of Obama's CIA.)

The second thing that really blows me away is the Iowa Supreme Court's decision that same sex marriage is a right under the Iowa constitution just blows me away. I would expect a massive blow back from the right and something like Prop 8 should be coming to your Iowa ballot box soon.

We in Ohio do not have to worry about that since in 2004 as part of defeating the famous communist Kerry we got a constitutional amendment that limited marriage to couples of the opposite sex (I think that same species was understood).

I think about how far we as a country have come in my life time (ok that is a rather long life time), but still. I was 22 when Stonewall happened and I remember reading about it (maybe at the time or shortly thereafter). Worked at Antioch in the 70s and got my eyes open by some folks there. I suspect that being forced into situations with people I would not normally hang has changed me (without taking any credit for doing it myself) for the better. One looks back on one's life and sees a series of accidents really, that if one is open to new and different ideas can shape one in a much better fashion than could have happened if all one's hopes had originally been fulfilled.

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mackmarine said...

Ward Churchill: A jury of likeminded peers has now confirmed it. You can dig up a coprolite, put sunglasses, an ugly gray wig, and clothes on it, give it a job, even paint it. But it’s still a rigid, unyielding, unsightly, and worthless piece of coprolite.