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Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Torture

Wow well trust the New York Times to publish an article that is just a bit of wonderful CYA shit from the people who made the decisions and all leaking like a tire that's run over fifty yards of broken glass.

These people, the main players in the spy and counter spy business want us to believe that they did not know the history of what they were doing and they claim that they did not know that water boarding was torture. On top of that the number of unnamed high level players who claimed that they (or their immediate superiors) did not have the proper information to make the decisions that they made (all the time speaking off record of course) just boggles the mind.

This is a major story in the major newspaper of record (hahahaha) and I can see that most of it is bullshit and I live in East ,Ohio. First, we are expected to believe that these people couldn't get the correct information. Second, we are expected to believe that these people believed the limited amount of information they claim to have been given. Third we are expected to believe that these decision makers did not know what water boarding is and how it was used in the past. Fourth, we are expected to believe that these people, all of whom are old enough to remember the Korean War (that is they were kids right after that war) and given their general interest in politics would have been aware of the brain washing and torture of American prisoners; that they do not remember the false confessions. Finally we are expected to believe that they made these decisions and stuck to them after it was clear that they were getting bad information and false confession, stuck to them because they thought they were working, not because they are simply sadists. Well why shouldn't we the NYT does.

Do you suppose that this is just a plot to take our minds off their fuck up of the economy?

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