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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just Whining I Guess

I've been trying to get into the writing thingy again and have been having the same problems. That is now that my (2nd or perhaps 3rd choice) guy is in and I see how incompetent and/or corrupt he is and the rest of the party is I am kind of overwhelmed and just sit and do nothing.

I guess I should really try more. I am at this point convinced that "Not as bad as the other guy" is not a viable campaign promise. The "I guess I'll vote for him anyway" no longer works either. The concept of "I didn't expect him to be a flaming liberal" also doesn't get it for me. I did expect him to kind of live up to some of his campaign promises. I really do think that the closest anyone in American history has come, is Wilson and it took him until his second term to accomplish that.

I am trying to think of one promise that he has followed through on, with the exception of increasing our war in Afghanistan. The things that he has done, stimulus, etc. have been too little too late and not much more than McCain would have been forced to do. Then today I read that he has thought it a good idea to fire all the teachers at a school that didn't make the test scores necessary, this after defending banskters who are getting millions after tanking the economy (it does turn out that it is kind of delicious in a sick sort of way that he demands accountability for the teachers, but not so much for the banksters). Tonight I will read the WH proposal on Health Care, finally put up and see what horrors he is trying to foist on us right now.

On top of this is the truly bizarre attacks from the opposition (not just the fringe) calling him a socialist for proposing something more than we have right now in terms of health care, but less than any other country in the industrialized world. Less, I think than Bismark provided the Germans in the 19th Century, if I am right (and I am). There are clear problems with the HCR as proposed mass amounts of money promised to the pharmacy and insurance industries and punishments for the middle class if we don't pony up the transfers of wealth to the wealthiest, but that isn't what the opposition is shouting about. Nor for that matter is that what the TV and "News" Media are screaming about, no they are talking about shit that doesn't matter or in a reality based world would be simply laughed away. Very difficult to get a handle on just what is going on and to continuously comment on it on a daily basis.

Not so difficult to stand out there screaming WTF, WTF, but to try to figure out what is going on beyond this, it is hard. Tacitus could see the problems he couldn't much figure out what to do about them. On the other hand Tacitus was a better writer than I am. Although when faced with massive stupidity or insanity from the ologarchs who rule us, I'm not sure what there is to do.