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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Nihilism for Nothing

So should I change the blogs color for St. Paddy's day? Nah, fuck it.

Kucinich weaseled out and now he realizes how difficult Obama has it and is going to support the bill. I have a question: Where the fuck has he been? Obama made this fucking bill more difficult from the git by promising the moon to the various industries involved with "secret" deals that didn't remain secret. So there is no savings, but the cost is theoretically passed on the the government, which of course is everybody and that money is siphoned directly to the insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

Tbogg has a particularly silly post up which has brought out a large number of Obama people to parrot the ............... actually I was wondering what to call them, but they are merely slogans. "This is the last best chance." "We will be able to build on this." "Thirty-one million more will be covered."

No one explains why this is the last best chance, why Medicare wasn't able to be built on, or how well in reality those 31,000,000 will be covered. But it has got to happen now and it has to happen with this bill and apparently we've got to pull Obama's bacon out of the fire.

There is nothing secret here, no matter how much Obama and Emanuel wanted to keep it secret. Pouring money into the health care industries (other than the nurses of course, but then they aren't an industry, now are they?).

It is now a kind of proof that you are indeed a good democrat. You've got to back this or you are dissing the president and the party leaders. Obama needs your support because he has put his reputation on the line. I seem to remember something very similar with NAFTA. Support the president or ............... he won't win and then it will be his Waterloo, and that will be bad for the rest of us. There is no explanation as to why a defeat of this kind of bill will be bad for anything but Obama's ego. Like NAFTA the end result will be disaster for the democrats and anything even remotely resembling a liberal program. Next up lets regulate the banking industry by giving more power to the bankers. And happy St. Patrick's Day.

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