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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We're Fucked

Back at relentlessly avoiding work again. I plan on being here until later tonight, about 6 or 7 or thereabouts.

I've commented on Balloon-Juice where I go to just get my fair share of abuse when I come out opposed to the current in any possible form that could be passed by the current (or any possibly imagined) federal legislature within (unfortunately and apparently) my life time (even given the fact that my grandmother lived to be 101) Health Care Reform (which is incidentally really Pharmaceutical, Insurance, and Private Hospital bonuses).

Then I go by Hullabaloo and Sadly No to read about the push for the new bankster (not really) controls being proposed by the administration and democrats.

After that, a swing by Greenwald for a depressing discussion of our very own Hope and Change Guys complete kind of defense of what he is doing with the underpants bomber 'cause it really isn't any worse than what the last Torturer in Chief did with the shoe bomber anyway, but no principal involved (on the other hand it does have some nice videos).

It think that I have to get over this kind of feeling I am having concerning the fact that I am unable to quite get my mind around the complete 180 this guy has done since taking office.
The other part of that is that it is really difficult to figure out how he isn't about to figure out just how people are responding to him. Yes, I know that the people at Balloon-Juice are desperately fighting to get the votes to pass this abortion (which has no abortion rights for the poor or even lower middle class in it, incidentally). It is an amazing flip concerning that he is completely going out there giving the various industries just what they want without any protection for the working or middle classes or women and the other people who really went all out for him.

On the other hand, it does appear that there are enough people who supported him who will simply back him because they believe him (I suspect that there are a number of them who are a little too embarrassed to publicly come out against him at this point, but I would guess that most of him believe him).

Well how about a little Dennis to take us out?

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