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Friday, March 12, 2010

Spelling for Dummies

Ok, so the last post was published without spell checking. That was not my desire, but because I couldn't get the damn spell checker to spell check. when I realized that I had forgotten something and added it as an Update, I was able to spell check. Oh boy, am I a bad speller.
I blame my third grade teacher Mrs. Westenhimer (which is spelled correctly because we had to spell her name right before we moved on to fourth grade). (Incidentally, we did not graduate until we got to high school and then only part of us. We were tougher then, not because we wanted to be, but because we were not given any choice. On the other hand we were not thrown into jail for carving on our desks either. The gym teacher would just snap us in two.) At any rate she (Mrs. Westenhimer, not the gym teacher who I am not sure knew how to read) was the one who introduced us to the concept of see and spell. Just memorize the damned word, do not try to sound it out you little twerps. She was also the chubby one, I had her daughter in the fifth grade and she was really cute, just having graduate from college, which might be another reason I don't really remember much from the fifth grade.

The second teacher and the one who finally broke my spelling spirit and caused me to say what the fuck, was a sixth grade teacher who gave me a failing grade on the first spelling test I had actually studied for and I knew all the words. Her feeling was that I was never any good in spelling and would never be any good therefore if I got a perfect score I must have been cheating. She should have been a cop. At any rate I understand that she died a horrible death later, not I'm sure, related to her abuse of me.

Now where was I, oh yes. I was attempting to explain why the last post had so many miss-spelled words in it when it was first posted and why it has so few now. It is all the fault of my childhood.

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