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Thursday, March 18, 2010

We Hate You We Hate You We Hate You

So I'm thinking of writing a post about what is going on with the HCR debate (some surprise). There are a couple of issues that intrigue me (in the sense that I am just barley able to prevent myself from screaming hysterically and pulling an Oedipus).

Greenwald tackles one aspect in detail and touches on another. His main point is the fact that everybody knew that liberals/progressives in congress wouldn't hold out for anything and so could be completely ignored. Even Dennis caved and got nothing for it other than a ride on Air Force One. The second half of is that those in the liberal blogging community have turned on those of us who continue to oppose a bill that has nothing in it that almost all liberals insisted had to be in it a few months ago in order to support it. As Greenwald says now people like me and those at Firedoglake "are being treated as though they are Pol Pot."

This bill must be passed because because because. As I said before, one points out the real problems with the bill and the serious issues, including questioning whether or not the bill will cover those it's supporters claim it will cover and there is not a refutation of that criticism or even a discussion of the issues, but rather just attacks, including being challenged as being a mere troll out to destroy the community.

Certainly those who are backing the bill have been rewarded by the near insanity of the right wing attacks on the bill. They do look good in comparison, but of course nearly every crazy complaint by the right wing gets the bill changed to accommodate that complaint: Death Panels: we will get rid of counseling concerning living wills. Illegal Aliens: we will also certainly make sure that no illegal immigrants get any health care even though that can harm the health of all the rest of us, if someone who has an infectious disease doesn't go to the E.R.

Not a single one of the issues raised by the liberals have been addressed not a single one of the concerns has been fixed, but still we are told that we must support that bill. Not only that but we have got to keep our peace and not complain else Obama may be harmed. Kucinich said specifically "We have to be very careful that the potential of President Obama's presidency not be destroyed by this debate." Wow just wow, we have got to vote for this bill which literally yesterday I said I couldn't vote for because it had nothing in it that I said it had to have. We have to vote for the bill because the president needs it, not because we need it. Or it will do what it is supposed to do.

We are being told that the bill is the most important piece of social legislation in a generation. Well in a way it may just be, it will have socially engineered our society so that individually we are required to pay a minimum of 20% or so of our GDP for health insurance (I almost wrote health care, but that is a misnomer, it is money paid to insurance companies) and it is at least double what the rest of the world pays.

Remember the Sir Robin in The Holy Grail who always shouts "Run Away, Run Away" at the battle scenes. You know:

I suspect that is closer to what all the liberals in congress are than anything. So once you have invested in these cowards, or are yourself one of them then you are going to be pretty mad at anyone who points that out. Also, in a couple of years you are going to be pretty pissed off at people who tell you "I told you so, you should have listened to me back when there was the possibility of getting something good."

I suspect that will really irritate people. I know I know it is not a very satisfying explanation, but it is all I've got.

Still, I am unable to understand why no liberal has a back bone. Perhaps if I were given incredible power and wealth I might be able to understand why I was unable and unwilling to put it on the line for any principle at all.

Oh yes, I forgot I am apparently one of the 3% of liberals who believe that this bill sucks. Hmmmm. I am awaiting being shown that I am wrong, just like with the WMDs.

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