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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Isn't it pretty to think so, again.

I've kind of fallen for the quote, it will probably take several days to stop quoting it. Probably as long as the veal pens and other so called liberals celebrate the passing of this health care[?] bill.

I did not expect that Obama would shove progressives faces in one part of this feted bill so soon. But having anti-abortion groups come to the signing of his anti-abortion executive order, something he could have done in private if he hadn't wanted to prove to the progressives that they are less than nothing to him, is ...............well even cynical me am surprised.

I mentioned the penumbra of the health care bill being the one thing that will last (along with the requirement that individuals pay money to private corporations), meaning that it would prevent any meaningful reform for at least a generation. I'd read some stuff that this could be something to "build on" (I don't remember where and to be frank I don't care), but building on would require a desire of the prez. and others to do something along those lines and that is not his style. He is not a liberal. He is not a progressive. He is a centrist only in the corrupted language of our current political era. He is really a conservative corporatist (I deleted this section because after thinking about it I think that I was unfair, I do not think that he is a fascist, if you factor out things like indefinited detention, no habieus and little things like that in the war on terror, that is).

At any rate Jane Hamsher is again doing a very through essay about this bill and pointing out that the democrat leadership is bragging about how this bill is actually a republican concept. She posted before the private ceremony for the anti-abortionists was announced, but it still covers most of the issues there are with the bill (although, I have to think that perhaps she isn't winning many friends by calling most of the "progressive" groups and legislators veal caves who live in the veal pen). Taibbi once again has a short and insightful piece wondering just who we are left to vote for since there seem to be only conservatives/(democrats) and nazi's [my language]/(republicans).

The amount of self delusion evidenced by the so called left in this matter is nearly beyond belief. Although when one sees how NARAL acted in the past (supporting Lieberman and having a president who claims to be a good believing catholic) and HRC being just HRC and not bucking much of anything, certainly not pushing for immediate repeal of DADT. Then we've got the unions which apparently are more than willing to kick card check down the road to a better more appropriate time. So all these groups are congratulating themselves in the Happy Happy Joy Joy dance:

In the meantime, hell I'm not sure what in the meantime. I wonder if this is how people thought in the Wiemar Republic just before Hitler got a plurality of the vote and proceeded on with his Thousand Year Reich. I mean I am not able to vote for the assholes currently running things. I am not sure just what I would do if Palin or someone like her got the republican nomination. We are going down that long twilight hill that is the end of empire and none of the currently elected or might be elected people are going to stop it. I guess maybe I should look at it like if I can just help to keep the American Empire from going off that cliff while I'm alive I should be happy. Huh is that the way I should feel?

Ok, anarchists of the world unite. I'm not an nihilist for nothing you know.

It now appears as though the unions and all the dems are arguing that no amendments be added to the bill because it must pass now, just as it is, NOW I TELL YOU, NOW, NOW, NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Therefore, even though it would take only 51 votes to pass single payer or the public option now, and it would take 60 votes later with a stand alone bill, still we must not mess with or change anything.

I do not understand. Well ok, I think that I understand, but it involves large amounts of acid in the water supply and and the hope for that pony in all the horse shit, but once again I am not happy with that answer.

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