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Monday, March 22, 2010

Anarchists of the World Unite

Well did the democrats come through with HCR or did they just come through with some smoke and mirrors? Personally, I suspect that there is a lot less there than meets the eye. I also suspect that CBO's review of the bill is not correct, if what I'm reading at various places is accurate. That is once the tax on adequate health care is in place I doubt very much if employers will give their employees a dollar raise for every dollar they save by cutting their insurance coverage, to begin. I'm not sure what the expectations are for the insurance industry. If someone expects them to not continue to deny coverage and to stop jacking up the prices, wellllllllll, we will just have to wait and see, I guess. So Hamsher has written a fairly decent post on the result of this abortion. I would guess that this is the attitude one would have to take if one wanted to continue to participate in the "process." Although, I'm not sure just what this process is. It is not sausage making because at least one has something edible that comes out of that.

The issues here are no longer issues that need to be argued about in just the way they were yesterday morning. But my anger is even greater. I had t obe passed now no matter how bad it is. Now things are simply not going to be changed absent an overwhelming republican election victory in the midterms and probably a republican president in the next presidential election. So it looks like we will get to see just how this plays out. Well I hope that I am completely wrong about this, certainly not as right as I was about the WMDs or NAFTA.

It never ends and those who are jumping around celebrating are more confused then I would have thought possible. We passed something that we will call Health Care Reform. It will kind of insure millions, of course if it costs them too much to use, well they will still have insurance. We will tax health care benefits so that people won't get adequate benefits as part of their employment and we will therefore save money on health care because people won't be able to use it because they won't be able to afford it.

We will provide bullshit to most of the people in this country and call it steak. Once, the shouting and glad handing is over we will be left with a system that simply builds on really nothing, but sand. I do really think that we are screwed here.

So to kind of get back to my original point Hamsher can work within the system. I myself am more into the nihilist/anarchist bomb throwing mode. I understand it doesn't really solve anything, but still it does make one feel better for a brief moment.

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