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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Nixon or Johnson, I think not.

So I was listening to Daniel Ellsberg on Gritt TV from Firedoglake. He was talking about how it was possible to drive first Johnson and then Nixon from power and I started to think that those who really pushed the whole thing, the Post and the NYT were and are all members of the power elite and were the pretty people the people who swung with the power and the other pretty people in D.C. The people the Daily Howler calls the Heathers. The school click except translated from ruling high school class to ruling in Washington. In just the same way.

Look at Johnson and Nixon. What were their real crimes? They were not as pretty or photogenic as the Kennedys or later the Reagans, now were they. I am wondering if our country hasn't been ruled since the middle 60s at least by a petty puerile little group of people whose favorite song would be I'm In With the In Crowd. So perhaps we have a new National Anthem?

UPDATE: I'd forgotten this.

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