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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More LIterary Stuff

So I've been reading about Byah deciding not to run and hearing him described as a "moderate" or a "centrist." Which of course led me to think about George Orwell's essay on the misuse of the English language, Politics and the English Language.

The constant screams from the right calling Obama who is a conservative or at the most slightly moderate president a socialist are a perfect example of this. Of course, that language is being used by his political enemies. However, the idea that a person (Byah) who is by any objective definition conservative is called a moderate or centrist, (Google the news stories, I'm not in the mood), by the mainstream media, is a real corruption of the language by those who are employed by the so call objective media.

This has always been a problem, but in the past there have been media (newspapers mostly) that were owned by the unions, and which had truly progressive and others, like it should be remembered the New York Times which were not progressive at all, but rather quite conservative.

I suspect that these large northern dailys got their liberal rep when they were busy backing the civil rights movement against the cracker red necks who were just not nice enough to invite into your home don't you know. This continued, of course, with Nixon the president nobody liked and who certainly wasn't of their class.

The oligarchs have always understood that they should be the rulers, no matter how much they've screwed up int the past. They will go to what ever lengths necessary to continue to rule. Right now they are more than willing enough to bend the language to this need. I'm sure they would stop at that.

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