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Monday, February 22, 2010

We're Doomed

I was going to post about this book I just finished: The Black Death by John Hatcher and how some aspects of the period immediately after the first incidence of the Death in England seems uncomfortably like today. Mainly the inability of the ruling class to see past their preconceived ideas. The idea that the cause of the Death was the sinfulness of the people. Or the desires of the poor for more (which amounted to sinfulness in the minds of the clergy and wealthy), but more at a later time.

At any rate perhaps classic comedy is where we are at right now or at least that is the way it seems, except you know, for all the deaths and bankruptcies.

I've been sick for the last week and when I'm not feeling really bad I'm just feeling really tired. I've been to the doctor and gotten some meds and if they don't start working better soon, I'm going to go back. The last time I felt like this for an extended time I had pneumonia.

However, I just wanted to mention Obama and Emanual's HCRm which from what I see at Firedoglake among other places seems to increase the penalty for not buying insurance, keep the massive institutional supports for Big PhHRMA and the insurance companies and attempt to completely do away with a public option.

I know what they are accomplishing, but what I wonder is what they think they are accomplishing. With that thought I am out of here for the day or night, nite nite.

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