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Friday, February 19, 2010

Trial Decision

OK, so the judge did make a decision and it is resoundingly guilty on all four counts. As an aside he said that he would probably not have found my guy guilty if it weren't for his confession. What a pisser.

Actually, without the confession they don't have much or anything. The 3 year old was caught masturbating by grandma and mom. However, no one else saw him doing anything like that including a baby sitter who watched him several times during the month of August.

The defendant and a different friend of the parents have the same name. The boy calls the friend [name] and the defendant uncle [name]. The kid told the nurse in the E.R. that [name] messed around with him. Very specifically not uncle [name]. The nurse then testified that the kid was very talkative and not shy at all when talking with her. The mother testified that the kid always calls the defendant uncle [name] and this other guy [name].

All great stuff then we get to my client's confession (or statement as I prefer). He goes into detail and admits everything. He says he was tired after 30 hours and just thought they'd let him go home.

Sentencing is in about three weeks.

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